My Art Nouveau Shop

Hello everyone one this is an update of my art Nouveau project. I was making the bay windows roof. I have tipped the house on its side to work on. I had made in green card the shape I wanted and covered it with wired mesh. Then I had a GOOD IDEA, it came to me in the night to use expanding foam filler.


Just to explain this picture shows the after effects of the foam filler expanding too much. The good idea was to hold the card and wire, squirt foam into the cavity and it rose and expanded and pushed itself, oozing out everywhere. After I had to pull all the wire and card off the roof as it was not the right shape any more.


After everything was dry I had to cut the foam to shape. So it wasn’t as bad as I thought.


I re-added the wire to the edges and plastered all over. I will tile this but its not done yet.


Just to warn anyone thinking of using expanding foam. It is a bit of a monster and not easy to control. My daughter got it on her jumper whilst trying to help. And a customer said she got some in her hair and had to get it cut out, so happy dollshousing I will update again shortly.



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