Doll House Care and Maintenance Tips

How can you keep your doll house in good condition? This is a question that many people have! In this post, I am going to share with you my own personal tips for looking after your doll house.

1) Keep the dust off by using a lint roller and an air compressor. You should do this every month, or at least once every two months.

2) Do not put anything on top of the dollhouse unless it is something light like paper or cloth. Heavy items will cause damage to the roof and walls of the house because they are usually made out of cardboard which cannot withstand weight from other objects.

3. Keep the doll house free of dust, pet hair, and allergens

4. Vacuum every few months to remove dirt from cracks and crevices

5. Remove all furniture before vacuuming so that it doesn’t get sucked up into the vacuum cleaner

6. Clean with a damp cloth or sponge using mild soap and water to avoid scratching the surface 

7. Wash windows with a gentle solution of vinegar and water

8. Use an un-flavored baby wipe on high traffic areas like stairs, floors, doors, walls, etc.

That’s it for now. This should allow you to enjoy your doll’s house for generations.



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