Dollshouse Furniture Kits

I have put some kits together and the rocking chair cradle kit looked really special, It was made in the UK from mahogany wood.The kit was easy to assemble and of course saves you money. These kits can be assembled for you  if you prefer and are available in 1/12th and1/24th scales

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Refurbishment Ended

Well would you believe it – a customer took a liking to the unfinished house and has bought it. So we won’t get to see it finished unless she lets us know how it turned out. If she lets me know how it ended, I will post the pictures . Don’t forget many neglected houses…

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1950’s Doll House Refurbishment Project

“I have a house do you want to buy it?” My initial reaction was to say no, it would be much easier to start from new, however after looking at a sad paper peeling home with no chimney and a nail in the door as a door knob ? I felt a challenge coming on.…

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