Our Story

From Bijou to Lin's Little Dollshouse Shop

Bijou Dolls House Shop, nestled in Essex's Blake House Craft Centre, has long been a haven for handcrafted wooden dollhouses and miniature enthusiasts. Founded by Linda, the shop flourished as a showcase of English craftsmanship, offering an array of styles and miniatures from both local artists and premium brands.

As times changed, the shop's ownership passed to Lin Oh, evolving into Lin's Little Dollshouse Shop. This transition honored Bijou's legacy while embarking on a new chapter filled with the same passion and dedication to dollhouse artistry.

A New Chapter Online

With Linda's move into retirement, the minibijou website has transformed. Now, it serves as a platform for Linda to share her ongoing projects, craft recommendations, and bespoke services. This shift reflects a continued commitment to the craft and the community that has been part of our journey.

Join Us in Our Next Phase

Though the original Bijou Dollshouse physical shop has closed, our story goes on. Lin's Little Dollshouse Shop carries forward our commitment to quality and craftsmanship, and Linda's website keeps the spirit of Bijou alive in the digital realm. We invite you to continue this journey with us, celebrating the past and looking forward to new creations and connections.

Linda Abel
Linda Abel